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Support your active lifestyle

Specially formulated for those who lead an active and high-pressure lifestyle. Each capsule is packed with a substantial 250mg of magnesium, derived from 1786mg of highly bioavailable magnesium glycinate, expertly chosen for its superior absorption and effectiveness. This premium supplement is a powerhouse in promoting muscle relaxation and mental tranquility, essential for anyone engaged in regular physical activity or facing daily stress.

Also enhancing sleep quality, it not only aids in your physical recovery but also prepares your mind for the challenges ahead. It’s the perfect tool for athletes and active individuals seeking to maintain optimal muscle function while nurturing a serene, focused mind.

Suggested Use

Take 1 servings per day, every day.

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Unveil the power of our highly bioavailable magnesium. Packed with 1786mg of Magnesium Glycinate, for physical and mental full support.

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