Omega-3 Gummies
Omega-3 Gummies

Omega-3 Gummies

60 Gummies
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A Healthy Treat

This delightful twist on traditional fish oil supplements is perfect for the active and health-conscious. Packed with 13.2mg of DHA and 2.8mg of EPA, these gummies provide an optimal dose of essential fatty acids, crucial for enhancing brain, eye and heart health.

Who Said Omega-3 Didn’t Taste Good?
Understanding the needs of fitness enthusiasts, we've crafted these gummies with fish oil powder, delivering a substantial 100mg of omega-3s in every delicious bite. This means you can say goodbye to the unpleasant fishy aftertaste of traditional pills and instead enjoy a fun, and convenient way to fuel your body.

Suggested Use

Take 1 servings per day, every day.

Aspire for more.

Unveil the power of scientifically formulated Omega-3 Gummies. Packed with all 100mg of Fish Oil powder, it ensures your body's needs are fully met.

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